South Africa’s Leading Security Company

Magma Security Consultants is established as one of the leading companies in the security industry in Southern Africa. Based in Johannesburg, our company aims to provide this niche industry with the very best personnel in a variety of spheres, from high-risk security services to defensive driving, physical security and more.


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Security Specialists

Our speciality is providing effective close protection security to Corporate, Foreign Delegations, Dignitaries, Embassies and any person who requires the services of a Professional Minder (Close Protection Officer).

Magma Security Consultants provides peace of mind, whether for a few hours or for long term contracts, 24/7. Our helpful staff can assist with all your travel arrangements, hotel bookings, itinerary planning etc. We make use of the most skilled individuals who all have the relevant qualifications and experience.

All close protection officers that are contracted to or by Magma Security Consultants are registered with PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority). Our aim is to place the right person in the position that best suits and compliments our clients’ needs. Should you have any security-related matters that require expert advice and handling, you have come to the right place.




Magma Security Consultants has been delivering excellence to its customers since 2010. The company prides itself on delivering high calibre security services at cost-effective prices.

Over the years there have been many changes to the industry. Some of these have been as a result of legislation and some at a more local level. Whatever the changes, Magma Security Consultants has responded and met these challenges head-on.

As a result of our ability to adapt and modify our operation, we have been able to pass on this expertise to our clients to assist them in their security needs.

Magma Security Consultants has implemented a Quality System to meet all needs. The system ensures that the highest standard of integrity and service are given to the employees and customers of the company.

It is our policy to provide a level of quality that meets the initial and continuing needs of our customers, and in doing so, to be a leader in quality in the security industry.

We Will

  • RECOGNISE and IMPLEMENT the timely delivery of a quality service which conforms to the customer’s specification and is right first time.
  • SUPPORT the systems and procedures that control our operating processes, which ensure objectives are met.
  • ENSURE our employees are armed with the knowledge, training and equipment to achieve our policy.
  • MAINTAIN a program of continuous improvement through all levels of the company.
  • SET objectives to maintain continuous improvement.
  • SEEK the advice and support of our customers to maintain and improve quality.

Only by achieving a ‘RIGHT FIRST TIME’ reputation with all our customers, can we fulfil the basic requirements for the job security, future development and enhance our business performance. Our company is built on our reputation, and in order for our business to develop, we recognise that our commitment and service to our clients must be our top priority.

It is this belief that the Directors and Management of Magma Security Consultants are committed to.